DSCN3918Activities at the Château:

Bizy-light Gardening

Our plan is to increase the size of the garden each year so that we can offer more and more of our own products to our clients. With this in mind, we invite our clients, if they wish, to participate in this project.

Bizy-light Vegetarian cooking classes

legumes jardin

After the garden comes…. the food, and our large kitchen is a place to express your creativity! As lovers of international cuisine we can show you how to bring together the flavours and spices of many vegetarian delights inspired by the tastes of the world.

Bizy-light Daily Meditation


If they wish, we invite our guests to practice meditation in our first floor room.

Inner silence allows us to become conscious in a deeper way, to what is essential in life.


Bizy-light Hiking around the Château


The surroundings of the château are excellent for lovely walks in nature…. collecting mushrooms, chestnuts, wild berries … depending on the season. You can walk through the woods all the way to the beautiful and wild plateau of Aubrac.

Bizy-light Music


As amateur musicians, we are always happy to share. We have a piano as well as other instruments for impromptu gatherings.