History of the chateau

Vue-façade estThe Château de Salelles  is located in the Lot valley and in the commune of Banassac between Aubrac and the gorges of the river Tarn.blason Lozere


We discovered some of it’s history  in the local archives. The department of Lozère has kept records of it’s distinguished property owners fron 1524 onwards, which leads us to believe, from it’s achitecture, that it must have been built at the beginning of the XVII th century.

Having survived the ravages of several wars, one after the other, it’s noble bearing was recognised in the XVII th while in the hands of the Yzarn de Freissinet family.

The Nogaret family took charge of the property at the end of the XIX th century aftyer the marriage of Louise Boudon de la Roquette to the regional Baron, Pierre Barthelemy Joseph de Nogaret, in the year 1808.vuedeloin

In the XX th century the Château was sold to the Sistere of St Francis of Assisi, and the farm to the Valentin family.

The nuns sold the property in 2002 to Mr Guiniot : the present owner .