chateau de loin

Le Château de Salelles


From our first glimpse of this grand building we fell under its spell, it was asking for revival. Its only activity for many years had been in the summer as a holiday camp for children. The long Lozerian winters had made their sad imprint.

Without too much reflection we launched into a difficult but extremely gratifying adventure.

chevaux2Today, almost  “new” the Chateau’s doors are open to you. Whether you are Pilgrims, travellers, tourists, nature lovers…. you are welcome to come spend a “moment” with us at our  « Terre d’Instants ».



Well known and loved for it’s beauty, it’s tranquillity, it’s landscapes, it’s people, the four leaf clover is the emblem of the region. The Margeride, the Aubrac, the causses and the Cevennes are the four leaves, which are each distinct geographical formations that come together here in Lozere and are also the sources of many rivers the Lot, the Tarn, The Allier, the Truyère, the Chassezac, the Altier etc…

SONY DSC Rather than a lenthy description, we invite you to come discover for yourself…trefle

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